One of our best trips…. EVER!


This year’s annual Sugarloaf trip was definitely one to remember.  After receiving a record amount of snow in March, the mountain was is perfect shape for our weekend in April.  Saturday dawned with snow showers that quickly turned into a steady snowfall totaling 4-5 inches throughout the day.  We grabbed our goggles and lightweight shells (the temps remained in the mid 30’s) and had a spectacular “spring” day at the ‘loaf.  Sunday only got better as the groomers worked in the new snow and the sun came out…we got rid of the shells and grabbed our sunglasses and had another great day.  Folks usually head home early on Sunday…but not on this Sunday!

As good as the skiing was, the Saturday night party at the Widowmaker was arguably the highlight of the weekend.  With the help of their professional sound/lighting man, “Bigelow Station” never sounded better.  The band performed an acoustic set at 8:00 for the exclusive enjoyment of our guests.  At 9:00 we all headed down to the main bar, the band plugged in and we rocked the rest of the night away.

Arrangements are being made for next year’s trip, stay tuned for details.