Village Ski & Snowboard believes skiers and riders at any level benefit greatly from properly tuned equipment. With a top notch tuning team and state-of-the-art equipment from Wintersteiger, our tuning services are the best the industry has to offer.

Have your equipment tuned at our shop to experience the difference.

Step One

Base Preparation

Repair + Set-Up

Your equipment begins with a tip-to-tail inspection by a certified technician. The base is prepared by hand using P-Tex and other methods to repair deep cuts and damaged edges. A Sigma tuning belt is used to remove rust and other imperfections.
A rough 1º base edge is created in preparation of the next phase.

Step Two

Edge Sharpening

Setting the Bevel

Side edge bevel is set on a Trim B side edger. This machine creates an edge that bites into variable snow conditions at the beginning of a turn and holds confidently throughout.

Step Three

The Big Finish

Structure + Polish

Skis are now ready for a run through our Wintersteiger Scout, the same technology used by ski manufacturers and race teams.

This fully automated, state-of-the-art machine has programs that can flatten the base to perfection, and finishes each ski with a consistent diamond-stone ground structure (for glide and wax retention). The Scout also provides an extremely precise edge geometry down to a quarter of a degree.

Step Four


Wax applied to the base repels moisture and allows the finished product to work efficiently – providing smoother and more predictable turns.

Every ski and snowboard passed through our tuning process is finished with a universal hot wax treatment. Race skis receive an additional race specific topcoat. We also carry a wide variety of wax for purchase that can be applied between professional tune-ups.

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